pascal jungblut thoughts

Blurry PDF

TexShop is a pretty convenient tool to work on LaTeX files. However, macOS has a suprisingly old bug when rendering PDFs. Since TexShop’s preview uses macOS’ broken PDF engine, the preview can be very blurry.

After many frustrating pages I found a workaround by accident: switch the preview format to single page. Just select Preview > Display Format > Single Page.

I recently had the pleasure to do some BDD in the form of Cucumber/Gherkin after successfully ignoring it for about ten years. Well, actually I thought I had done BDD, but apearantly I didn’t know the true meaning of BDD.

Wow, who thought this was a good idea? From a developer’s perspective it doesn’t make much sense at all. I’m literally writing a parser and interpreter for strings that describe how my actual specs should look like. How absurd is that? In that perfect world where your PM can go through these specs, understand and change them, I could kind of get the intention. But hey, we don’t live in that world. I guess it’s the same world where my estimates are on point.

I’m pretty glad BDD didn’t become that popular.